Metan – About Us

Metan Group LLC ( is a startup group of four technical professionals with a total of approximately 100 years’ experience in oil and gas exploration, development and production as well as chemical and industrial equipment manufacturing. We are a multinational group, Canada and the USA, incorporated as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Illinois, USA in December 2014. 

Metan’s objective was to develop a safe and effective means to convert relatively low volume, low pressure methane, a potent greenhouse gas to the significantly less potent carbon dioxide using catalysis instead of combustion with an open flame or flare. Our initial thrust was towards Surface Casing Vents where supply pressures are low and flows are generally below 25 m3 per day although the units can be manifolded for flows up to 100 m3. Metan has obtained patents US 10,150,081 and Canada 2,987,342 for this technology.

The Catalytic Methane Abatement System (CMAS) will be manufactured and marketed by Etter Engineering, Connecticut, USA, a process heating and combustion engineering firm ( who has patented the unit’s enclosure which is suitable for the extreme conditions of many oil and gas wells in North America and elsewhere. 

The technology is most appropriate where other means of methane abatement such as combustion, flaring or capture is impracticable and where the gas is presently vented to atmosphere.