Metan Group LLC is a is a start up group of four  technical professionals with a total of  approximately 100 years experience in oil and gas exploration, development and production and chemical manufacturing. We are a multi-national group, Canada and the USA, incorporated as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Illinois, USA in December, 2014.

 The objective of the company is to develop equipment to address the issue of Natural Gas (Methane) emissions from wellheads using  catalytic oxidation technology. We have proven the concept, filed and been granted a patent by the USPTO (#10,150,081) and have constructed and tested a prototype. Additionally, we have filed an identical patent in Canada.

Metan is partnered with ETTER Engineering, a Connecticut based company specializing in Process Heating and Combustion Solutions, who has constructed and tested units suitable for field testing. In addition to fabrication ETTER is responsible for Marketing and Sales of the Catalytic Methane Abatement System [CMAS].

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